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Rescue of synthetic minireplicons establishes the absence of the NS1 and NS2 genes from avian pneumovirus.

We have determined the nucleotide sequences of the regions 3' and 5' proximal to the avian pneumovirus (APV) N and L genes, respectively. These sequences were used in the construction of a synthetic minireplicon construct in which the chloramphenicol acetyltransferase (CAT) reporter gene was flanked at its 3' end with the APV leader together with the APV N gene start signal and at its 5' end with the APV L gene end signal and the genome trailer region. The ability of T7 RNA polymerase runoff transcripts to direct the replication and expression of the CAT reporter gene in APV-infected cells demonstrated the ability of the putative leader and trailer regions to direct genome replication and gene expression. Furthermore, this confirms the absence of the NS1 and NS2 gene analogs within the APV genome. We were able to detect the expression of CAT protein from cells that had been infected with supernatants from the initially infected and transfected cells. These results have identified the cis-acting sequences of APV responsible for viral replication, gene expression, and packaging into virus-like particles.[1]


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