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Gene Review

NS2  -  NS2

Bovine respiratory syncytial virus

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Disease relevance of NS2


High impact information on NS2

  • Here we demonstrate that, in contrast to wild-type BRSVs, recombinant BRSVs (rBRSVs) lacking the NS proteins, and those lacking NS2 in particular, are strong inducers of IFN-alpha/beta in bovine nasal fibroblasts and bronchoalveolar macrophages [6].
  • In cells coinfected with NS1- and NS2-expressing rRVs, virus replication was resistant to doses of IFN which caused a 1,000-fold reduction of replication in cells infected with wild-type RV or with each of the NS-expressing rRVs alone [3].
  • Thus, RSV has the potential for two transcription programs: one in the absence of M2-1, in which only the NS1 and NS2 genes are transcribed, and one in the presence of M2-1, in which sequential transcription of the complete genome occurs [7].
  • Coexpression of the nonstructural NS1 or NS2 protein had little effect on packaging and passage except through indirect effects on RNA synthesis in the initial transfection [8].
  • Airway epithelial cells were also infected with equivalent inoculums of RSV without or with single gene deletions of NS1 or NS2 [9].

Biological context of NS2


Anatomical context of NS2

  • The antipeptide antibodies recognized the NS2 protein in the sediment of RSV-infected HEp-2 cells lysed with RIPA buffer at 48 h p.i. The results agree with the reported interaction of RSV with cytoskeletal intermediate filaments [11].

Other interactions of NS2

  • In addition, we report the successful recovery of a BRSV mutant lacking the complete NS2 gene, which encodes a nonstructural protein of unknown function [1].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of NS2


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