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Double-blind multicenter study comparing alprostadil alpha-cyclodextrin with moxisylyte chlorhydrate in patients with chronic erectile dysfunction.

PURPOSE: We compared the efficacy and safety of alprostadil alpha-cyclodextrin and moxisylyte chlorhydrate to induce erections adequate for sexual intercourse in a prospective, randomized, parallel double-blind study in patients with erectile dysfunction. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A total of 156 men with erectile dysfunction due to organic, nonorganic and mixed origin was randomized into 2 parallel treatment groups receiving titrations of an individual optimum dose of alprostadil alpha-cyclodextrin or moxisylyte chlorhydrate. Erectile response was measured by the buckling test. A positive test was associated with axial erection rigidity that did not buckle/deform to 1.0 kg. load. The buckling test was repeated every 10 minutes for up to 60 minutes. RESULTS: A total of 56 patients (75%) in the alprostadil alpha-cyclodextrin group and 32 patients (40%) in the moxisylyte chlorhydrate group responded with at least 1 positive buckling test during the office period. Investigators assessed erections after alprostadil alpha-cyclodextrin to be adequate for sexual intercourse in 61 patients (81%) compared to 37 patients (46%) after moxisylyte chlorhydrate. All efficacy parameters in office reached statistical significance of p < 0.001 in favor of alprostadil alpha-cyclodextrin. During self-injection therapy at home 58 patients (85%) reported at least 1 rigid erection after alprostadil alpha-cyclodextrin compared to 37 patients (61%) after moxisylyte chlorhydrate. Patient and partner opinion of treatment achieved statistically significantly better scores in the alprostadil alpha-cyclodextrin group compared to the moxisylyte chlorhydrate group. CONCLUSIONS: Alprostadil alpha-cyclodextrin is significantly more effective than moxisylyte chlorhydrate in producing full penile rigidity in office and at home. Injection related side effects occur with the same frequency but moxisylyte results in more systemic side effects and alprostadil results in more painful and prolonged erections. Patients and partners are significantly more satisfied with alprostadil alpha-cyclodextrin.[1]


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