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Specific interaction of cytokinins and their analogs with rotenone-sensitive internal NADH dehydrogenase in potato tuber mitochondria.

Effects of cytokinins were studied on rotenone-sensitive NADH dehydrogenase in mitochondria from fresh potato tubers (Solanum tuberosum), in consideration of the operation of external and rotenone-insensitive internal NADH dehydrogenases that has not been fully accounted for in previous studies. In submitochondrial particles (smp), zeatin was only weakly active, and zeatin riboside (ZR) was inactive. Inhibition rates at 400 microns of isopentenyladenine (iP) and isopentenyladenosine (iPA) were 45% and 30%, respectively, and that of BA (BA) was 64%. In intact mitochondria, the inhibition by iP and BA significantly increased, I50 being 50 and 250 microM, respectively, but that by zeatin and iPA decreased. A structure-activity study showed that hydrophobic and steric factors are important for the activity. Cytokinins inhibited the electron flow via natural quinone more strongly than that via synthetic quinone. These results suggest that among the cytokinins the species that can regulate the electron transport is iP rather than its riboside or zeatin.[1]


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