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Chemical Compound Review

Isopentenyladenosine     (2R,3S,4R,5R)-2- (hydroxymethyl)-5-[6-(3...

Synonyms: Riboprina, Riboprine, Riboprinum, SureCN4599, CHEMBL452867, ...
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Disease relevance of Isopentenyladenosine


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Biological context of Isopentenyladenosine


Anatomical context of Isopentenyladenosine


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Gene context of Isopentenyladenosine

  • The antisuppressor strain sin1 of Schizosaccharomyces pombe lacks the modification isopentenyladenosine in transfer RNA [16].
  • Results from in vivo feeding of chloronemal tissue with tritiated isopentenyladenosine suggest that adenosine kinase plays an important role in the conversion of cytokinins towards their nucleotides in Physcomitrella [17].
  • Plants of the pga22 mutant accumulated at remarkably higher levels of isopentenyladenosine-5'-monophosphate and isopentenyladenosine when analyzed by mass spectrometry, suggesting that AtIPT8/PGA22 is a functional IPT that may direct the biosynthesis of cytokinins in planta via an isopentenyladenosine-5'-monophosphate-dependent pathway [18].
  • With the use of PMR the ribose conformations have been studies in the temperature range -60 to +40 degrees C in ND3 solutions of adenosine (A), guanosine (G), inosine (I), xanthsine (X), purineriboside (PR), 2-aminopurineriboside (2amPR), N6-isopentenyladenosine (N6ipA), 8-bromoadenosine (iA), and isopropylideneguanosine (iG) [19].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Isopentenyladenosine


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