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NHE-RF, a regulatory cofactor for Na(+)-H+ exchange, is a common interactor for merlin and ERM (MERM) proteins.

We have identified the human homologue of a regulatory cofactor of Na(+)-H+ exchanger (NHE-RF) as a novel interactor for merlin, the neurofibromatosis 2 tumor suppressor protein. NHE-RF mediates protein kinase A regulation of Na(+)-H+ exchanger NHE3 to which it is thought to bind via one of its two PDZ domains. The carboxyl-terminal region of NHE-RF, downstream of the PDZ domains, interacts with the amino-terminal protein 4.1 domain-containing segment of merlin in yeast two-hybrid assays. This interaction also occurs in affinity binding assays with full-length NHE-RF expressed in COS-7 cells. NHE-RF binds to the related ERM proteins, moesin and radixin. We have localized human NHE-RF to actin-rich structures such as membrane ruffles, microvilli, and filopodia in HeLa and COS-7 cells, where it co-localizes with merlin and moesin. These findings suggest that hNHE-RF and its binding partners may participate in a larger complex (one component of which might be a Na(+)-H+ exchanger) that could be crucial for the actin filament assembly activated by the ERM proteins and for the tumor suppressor function of merlin.[1]


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