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Expression profile of Gli family members and Shh in normal and mutant mouse limb development.

Gli genes represent a small family, encoding zinc-finger proteins of the Krüppel-type. The family consists of Gli(1), Gli2, and Gli3, all of which are expressed in the developing mouse limb bud. To assess the role of the Gli family and Sonic hedgehog (Shh) in mouse limb development, we compared the expression domains of all three Gli genes and of Shh. Although each Gli gene has its own distinct expression pattern in limb buds, at 10.5-11.5 dpc all three genes were found not to be expressed in the posterior region, the presumptive Shh expression domain. This transient mutually exclusive expression suggested a potential interaction between Gli genes and Shh. To address this matter, we analysed the expression of Gli genes and Shh in two polydactyly mouse mutants, Extra toes (Xt) and Hemimelic-extra toes (Hx) which express Shh ectopically in the anterior region of the limb field. Since Xt mice lack Gli3 expression, the ectopic Shh expression is genetically linked to the absence of Gli3. In Hx mice we found a down-regulation of Gli3 in the anterior region of the limb bud. In both mutants Gli2 expression pattern was not altered, whereas Gli1 expression was anteriorly up-regulated adjacent to the ectopic Shh domain. These results strongly suggest a positive regulation of Gli1 by Shh and a negative interaction between Shh and Gli3.[1]


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