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A major outer membrane protein of Rahnella aquatilis functions as a porin and root adhesin.

A 38-kDa major outer membrane protein ( OMP) was isolated from the nitrogen-fixing enterobacterium Rahnella aquatilis CF3. This protein exists as a stable trimer in the presence of 2% sodium dodecyl sulfate at temperatures below 60 degrees C. Single channel experiments showed that this major OMP of R. aquatilis CF3 is able to form pores in the planar lipid membrane. Two oligonucleotides encoding the N-terminal portion of the 38-kDa OMP and C-terminal portion of OmpC were used to amplify the 38-kDa gene by PCR. The deduced amino acid sequence showed a strong homology with Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Salmonella typhi, and Serratia marcescens OmpC sequences, except loops L6 and L7, which are postulated to be cell surface exposed. On the basis of the OmpF-PhoE three-dimensional structure, it seems likely that this 38-kDa organizes three 16-strand beta-barrel subunits. The relationship between the structure and the double functionality of this protein as porin and as a root adhesin is discussed.[1]


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