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Inhibitory effects of perillyl alcohol on UVB-induced murine skin cancer and AP-1 transactivation.

The monoterpene perillyl alcohol ( POH) has proven efficacious against the formation and progression of a variety of cancers. In this study, we tested the ability of POH to inhibit photocarcinogenesis in a nonmelanoma model of mouse skin carcinogenesis and its ability to inhibit UVB- induced activator protein 1 ( AP-1) transactivation in mouse skin and human keratinocytes. POH (10 mM) was applied topically to the ears and shaved dorsal surface of groups of 35 BALB/c mice throughout the experiment, during and after UVB treatment. Topical POH significantly inhibited tumor incidence and multiplicity, average tumor size, and the average tumor burden/mouse without any apparent toxicity. POH inhibited UVB- induced AP-1 transactivation in both cultured human keratinocytes and transgenic mice that stably express a luciferase reporter driven by AP-1 elements. The results suggest that POH might be used for chemoprevention of human skin cancer, and that inhibition of AP-1 activity is functionally related to inhibition of skin carcinogenesis.[1]


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