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Coenzyme Q6 and iron reduction are responsible for the extracellular ascorbate stabilization at the plasma membrane of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Yeast plasma membrane contains an electron transport system that maintains ascorbate in its reduced form in the apoplast. Reduction of ascorbate free radical by this system is comprised of two activities, one of them dependent on coenzyme Q6 (CoQ6). Strains with defects in CoQ6 synthesis exhibit decreased capacity for ascorbate stabilization compared with wild type or with atp2 or cor1 respiratory-deficient mutant strains. Both CoQ6 content in plasma membranes and ascorbate stabilization were increased during log phase growth. The addition of exogenous CoQ6 to whole cells resulted in its incorporation in the plasma membrane, produced levels of CoQ6 in the coq3 mutant strain that were 2-fold higher than in the wild type, and increased ascorbate stabilization activity in both strains, although it was higher in the coq3 mutant than in wild type. Other antioxidants, such as benzoquinone or alpha-tocopherol, did not change ascorbate stabilization. The CoQ6-independent reduction of ascorbate free radical was not due to copper uptake, pH changes or to the presence of CoQ6 biosynthetic intermediates, but decreased to undetectable levels when coq3 mutant strains were cultured in media supplemented with ferric iron. Plasma membrane CoQ6 levels were unchanged by either the presence or absence of iron in wild type, atp2, or cor1 strains. Ascorbate stabilization appears to be a function of the yeast plasma membrane, which is partially based on an electron transfer chain in which CoQ6 is the central electron carrier, whereas the remainder is independent of CoQ6 and other antioxidants but is dependent on the iron-regulated ferric reductase complex.[1]


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