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Real-time microchip PCR for detecting single-base differences in viral and human DNA.

This report describes real-time 5' nuclease PCR assays to rapidly distinguish single-base polymorphism using a battery-powered miniature analytical thermal cycling instrument (MATCI). Orthopoxviruses and the human complement component C6 gene served as targets to demonstrate the feasibility of using the MATCI for diagnosis of infectious diseases and genetic disorders. In the Orthopoxvirus assay, consensus Orthopoxvirus PCR primers were designed to amplify 266-281 base-pair (bp) segments of the hemagglutinin (HA) gene in camelpox, cowpox, monkeypox, and vaccinia viruses. A vaccinia virus-specific fluorogenic (TaqMan) probe was designed to detect a single-base (A/G) substitution within the HA gene. In the C6 gene assay, a 73-bp segment of the C6 gene was PCR-amplified from human genomic DNA, and TaqMan probes were used to detect a single-base (A/C) polymorphism in the second position of codon 98. The MATCI correctly identified the nucleotide differences in both viral DNA and human genomic DNA. In addition, using a rapid DNA preparation method, it was possible to achieve sample, preparation of human genomic DNA, DNA amplification, and real-time detection in less than 1 h.[1]


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