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A potential signaling role for profilin in pollen of Papaver rhoeas.

Regulation of pollen tube growth is known to involve alterations in intracellular calcium levels and phosphoinositide signaling, although the mechanisms involved are unclear. However, it appears likely that pollination events involve a complex interplay between signaling pathways and components of the actin cytoskeleton in pollen. In many eukaryotic cells, actin binding proteins function as stimulus-response modulators, translating signals into alterations in the cytoplasmic architecture. In this study, we examined whether profilin, which is a member of this class of signaling intermediate, might play a similar role in pollen. We have analyzed the functional properties of native profilin from pollen of Papaver rhoeas and have investigated the effects of profilin on the phosphorylation of pollen proteins in vitro by adding a slight excess of profilin to cytosolic pollen extracts. We present clear evidence that profilin interacts with soluble pollen components, resulting in dramatic alterations in the phosphorylation of several proteins. We also show, albeit in vitro, the involvement of profilin in modulating the activity of a signaling component(s) affecting protein phosphorylation. Our data, which suggest that pollen profilin can regulate actin-based cytoskeletal protein assembly and protein kinase or phosphatase activity, indicate a possible role for the involvement of profilin in signaling pathways that may regulate pollen tube growth.[1]


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