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Cloning of the genes encoding mouse cardiac and skeletal calsequestrins: expression pattern during embryogenesis.

Calsequestrin is a low-affinity and high-capacity calcium-binding protein in the sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR). In the present study, we have cloned and sequenced mouse cardiac and skeletal calsequestrin cDNAs. The deduced amino acid sequences are highly homologous to those of other mammalian calsequestrins. As expected, the cardiac and skeletal calsequestrins are expressed specifically and exclusively in adult heart and skeletal muscles, respectively. In-situ hybridization was performed to examine the expression pattern of the calsequestrins in the developing mouse and rat embryos. During early organogenesis, the cardiac and skeletal calsequestrin transcripts were detected exclusively in the heart primordium and the myotome of somites, respectively. The cardiac calsequestrin transcripts were later detected in fetal heart and skeletal muscles, whereas the skeletal calsequestrin transcripts were only found in fetal skeletal muscles. These data suggest that the cardiac calsequestrin plays a role in the differentiation and function of heart, and in the function of fetal skeletal muscles in conjunction with the skeletal calsequestrin, but not in the early differentiation of the myotome of somites. The expression of the skeletal calsequestrin in the myotome is regulated probably by myogenin, a myogenic regulatory gene.[1]


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