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A 500-kb sequence-ready cosmid contig and transcript map of the MEN1 region on 11q13.

We have generated a transcript map of an approximately 1.2-Mb region from human chromosome band 11q13 between the loci VEGFB and CAPN1, which flank the multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (MEN 1) locus. In total, we isolated 144 cosmids from this region and generated a sequence-ready cosmid contig of the approximately 500-kb region between the neurexin locus and D11S2196E. We identified 54 genes/ESTs by sample sequencing and have constructed a transcript map of this region. Genes were found to be clustered in three regions, and one of these genes was identical to the recently identified MEN1 locus. Relative to the latter, we have mapped the positions of 13 known genes, 18 genes which show homology to genes from humans or other organisms, and 22 genes/ESTs that appear novel. In addition, we have ascertained the directions of transcription of some of these genes and have determined intergenic distances between many loci. Full characterization of some of these genes, as well as the novel ESTs, will be useful in identifying candidate genes for other diseases known to map to this chromosomal region.[1]


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