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Protective effect of P. fraternus against ethanol-induced mitochondrial dysfunction.

Chronic ethanol consumption (10 g per kg body weight) significantly decreased the rate of respiration, P/O ratio, and respiratory control ratio (RCR). The activities of NADH dehydrogenase and cytochrome oxidase were significantly decreased in submitochondrial particles by ethanol administration compared to control. No significant difference was observed in membrane potential of submitochondrial particles. Cytochrome b, c and aa3 content of mitochondria were significantly decreased by ethanol feeding. Ethanol-induced inhibition on rate of respiration, P/O ratio, and RCR was relieved to a great extent by the administration of the aqueous extract of Phyllanthus fraternus (100 mg dry powder of the plant per kg body weight) along with ethanol. The decrease in the content of cytochromes due to ethanol administration was revived partially by aqueous extract of P. fraternus.[1]


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