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Chemical Compound Review

Diethylzinc     zinc ethane

Synonyms: Diethylzink, Zincdiethyl, Zinkdiethyl, DEZn, DIETHYL ZINC, ...
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High impact information on HSDB 929

  • Experimental studies on the modification of (1R,2S)-1,2-diphenyl-2-aminoethanol, which is used to promote the alkylation of N-diphenylphosphinoyl benzalimine with diethylzinc, revealed that N-monosubstituted amino alcohols exhibited higher enantioselectivities than their N,N-disubstituted counterparts and imino alcohols [1].
  • Diastereoselective cobalt-catalyzed reductive aldol cyclizations using diethylzinc as the stoichiometric reductant [2].
  • [reaction: see text] Cobalt catalysis enables a new method for the generation of zinc enolates using diethylzinc to reduce alpha,beta-unsaturated amides [2].
  • [reaction: see text] In the presence of a stoichiometric or catalytic amount of diethylzinc, a beta-aminocrotonamide undergoes sequential addition/isomerization reactions with 1-alkyne to produce, upon hydrolysis, an alpha-alkylidene beta-dicarbonyl compound in a highly stereoselective manner [3].
  • A single nanocrystal is grown in each nanodroplet, thus allowing good control of particle size by manipulation of the initial diethylzinc concentration in the heptane [4].

Associations of HSDB 929 with other chemical compounds

  • In addition, the reaction of dimesitylborinic acid, Mes(2)BOH, with diethylzinc produced the low-valent zinc compound [(mu-Mes(2)BO)ZnEt](2) (2), which was also characterized by X-ray diffraction [5].
  • The addition of diethylzinc to aromatic aldehydes is considerably accelerated by the presence of a catalytic amount of crystalline to give, after hydrolysis, the corresponding 1-phenylpropanol in good enantiomeric purity, as determined by CD-HPLC analysis as HTPS (high-throughput screening) [6].


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