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Chemical Compound Review

Mexidole     butanedioic acid; 2-ethyl-6-methyl-pyridin...

Synonyms: Emicidine, mexidol, AG-D-57210, SureCN1010987, ACMC-20a84f, ...
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Disease relevance of mexidol

  • For example, after brain trauma mexidol strengthened compensatory-restorative processes: animals showed accelerated recovery of impaired functions, with decreases in the rate of retrograde degeneration of brain areas directly connected to the damaged parts, phenomena such as Monakow diaschisis were not observed, and so on [1].

Psychiatry related information on mexidol

  • The complex acoustic signal had negative effects on conditioned reflex activity in rats and Mexidol had normalizing actions on the acquisition of conditioned reflexes in stressed rats [2].

High impact information on mexidol

  • Single injection of mexidol (drug with antioxidant and membranotropic effects) to animals with reactive fever produces a multicomponent effect on the lymph circulation [3].
  • Mexidol prevented impairment of synaptic transmission [2].
  • Treatment with mexidol for 14 days significantly decreased activity of inducible NO synthase in the gingiva of experimental animals [4].
  • The effects of Mexidol on the acquisition of food-related conditioned reflexes and synaptic ultrastructure in field CA1 of the rat hippocampus after single acoustic stimuli with ultrasonic components [2].
  • Postresuscitation recovery of functional activity of central nervous system in rats during combination treatment with mexidol and neuropeptides delta sleep-inducing peptide and oxytocin [5].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of mexidol

  • After treatment with mexidol, which has a wide spectrum of actions, paticularly antioxidant. antihypoxic, and antistress, rats showed a normal process of acquisition of a conditioned reflex to time [1].
  • In experiments on rats we studied the effects of antioxidant and membrane-protecting agent mexidol and neuropeptides delta sleep-inducing peptide and oxytocin administered during resuscitation after 12-min clinical death [5].


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