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Chemical Compound Review

Hypnadh     [[(2R,3S,4R,5R)-5-(3- aminocarbonyl-4H...

Synonyms: Deamino-NADH, KST-1A7340, AR-1A8558, AC1L511N, 22052-73-9, ...
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Disease relevance of Deamino-NADH

  • The reconstituted complex I from Klebsiella pneumoniae catalyzed deamino-NADH oxidation, Q1 reduction, and Na(+) translocation with specific activities of 2.6 units mg(-1), 2.4 units mg(-1), and 4.7 units mg(-1), respectively, which indicate a Na(+)/electron stoichiometry of one [1].
  • Inside-out membrane vesicles from E. coli GR19N generate a H+ electrochemical gradient (interior positive and acid) during electron transfer from deamino-NADH to ubiquinone 1 that is large and stable relative to that observed with NADH as substrate [2].
  • Membrane vesicles prepared from Zymomonas mobilis oxidized NADH exclusively, whereas deamino-NADH was little oxidized [3].
  • Membranes prepared from Bacillus cereus KCTC 3674, grown aerobically on a complex medium, oxidized NADH exclusively, whereas deamino-NADH was little oxidized [4].
  • Membranes of Pseudomonas nautica, grown aerobically on a complex medium, oxidized both NADH and deamino-NADH as substrates [5].

High impact information on Deamino-NADH


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