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Chemical Compound Review

Corlopam     8-chloro-2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)- 4...

Synonyms: Corlopam (TN), CHEMBL1026, AG-L-65649, CCG-100942, NSC-759860, ...
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Disease relevance of fenoldopam

  • We studied SKF 82526-J in 10 patients with essential hypertension and five normal control subjects on constant 150-meq sodium, 60 meq potassium intake [1].
  • Hemorrhagic lesions of large caliber arteries (DA1 receptor-mediated) had undergone significant repair by 28 d after exposure to FM but these arteries possessed a thicker media surrounded by adventitial fibrosis [2].
  • Fenoldopam mesylate (FM), a selective post-junctional dopaminergic (DA1) vasodilator, causes lesions of large caliber splanchnic arteries (100-800 microns) in the rat characterized by necrosis of medial smooth muscle cells and hemorrhage [2].

High impact information on fenoldopam

  • In response to a single oral dose of 100 mg of SKF 82526-J, supine blood pressure decreased to a nadir of 141 +/- 5/89 +/- 8 mmHg (P less than 0.0001) at 90 min and remained decreased at 145 +/- 6/99 +/- 3 mmHg (P less than 0.0001) at 4 h [1].
  • In addition, the results suggest that peripheral DA-1 receptor stimulation with SKF 82526-J may be efficacious in the treatment of human essential hypertension [1].
  • Urine volume, sodium and fractional sodium excretion, and plasma renin activity were increased as a result of SKF 82526-J administration [1].
  • The presence of DA1 receptors was confirmed in isolated perfused mesenteric arteries by standard pharmacologic techniques; stimulation by FM resulted in vasodilation which was inhibited by the DA1 receptor antagonist SK&F 83566-C [2].


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