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Chemical Compound Review

Palbociclib     10-cyclopentyl-8-ethanoyl-7- methyl-3-[(5...

Synonyms: PubChem16671, QCR-200, Kinome_3823, Kinome_3824, S1116_Selleck, ...
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Disease relevance of PD 0332991

  • PD 0332991, therefore, represents the first promising and specific inhibitor for therapeutic targeting of Cdk4/6 in multiple myeloma and possibly other B-cell cancers [1].
  • PD 0332991 warrants phase II testing at 125 mg once daily, at which dose neutropenia was the sole significant toxicity [2].
  • In this article, we review the development of palbociclib and its use in treatment of hormone receptor-positive metastatic breast cancer in the context of other FDA-approved agents in this setting [3].

High impact information on PD 0332991

  • Inhibition of Cdk4/6 by PD 0332991 is not accompanied by induction of apoptosis [1].
  • Here, we show that by specific inhibition of Cdk4/6, the orally active small-molecule PD 0332991 potently induces G(1) arrest in primary bone marrow myeloma cells ex vivo and prevents tumor growth in disseminated human myeloma xenografts [1].
  • C2C12 myoblasts maintained in mitogen-rich media and exposed to a Cdk4/Cdk6 inhibitor PD 0332991 accumulated in G(1) cell cycle phase [4].
  • Consistent with a role for Cdk4/Cdk6 activity as a regulator of myogenic differentiation, we observed that PD 0332991 exposure promoted morphologic changes and enhanced the expression of muscle-specific proteins in cultured myoblasts and in the Rh30 cell line [4].

Biological context of PD 0332991

  • PD 0332991 is a highly specific inhibitor of cyclin-dependent kinase 4 (Cdk4) (IC50, 0.011 micromol/L) and Cdk6 (IC50, 0.016 micromol/L), having no activity against a panel of 36 additional protein kinases [5].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of PD 0332991


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