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Chemical Compound Review

Lipoxin B     (6E,8E,10E,12E)-5,14,15- trihydroxyicosa-6...

Synonyms: LXB4, lipoxin B4, LMFA01030749, LS-178193, AC1NS4IH, ...
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  • The complete steric structure of the major tetraene product (lipoxin B methyl ester) was established by ultraviolet spectroscopy, HPLC on four different types of columns, gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, gas/liquid chromatography of the ozonolysis fragments of the menthoxycarbonyl derivatives, and by 400-MHz 1H-NMR [6].
  • The complete stereochemistry of the lipoxin B formed from 15S-HETE methyl ester has been established by co-chromatography with authentic standards on various types of HPLC columns, by GC/MS analysis, by gas liquid chromatography of the ozonolysis fragments of the menthoxy carbonyl derivatives and 1H-NMR studies [7].


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