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Chemical Compound Review

Lignocerat     tetracosanoate

Synonyms: lignocerate, tetracosoate, Tetracosanoat, tetracosanate, DECYLMYRISTATE, ...
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Disease relevance of tetracosanoic acid


High impact information on tetracosanoic acid

  • 3-Acyl-sn-glycerols with even-numbered saturated fatty acyl chains from decanoate to lignocerate were synthesized [2].
  • Because cholesteryl esters with very long chain fatty acids accumulate in Schilder adrenoleukodystrophy, the ability of extracts of such fibroblasts to hydrolyze [14C]cholesteryl lignocerate was examined [3].
  • COS-1 cells transiently overexpressing hVLCS-H2 activated the very-long-chain fatty acid lignocerate (C24:0) at a rate >1.5-fold higher than that of nontransfected cells (P < 0.002) [4].

Associations of tetracosanoic acid with other chemical compounds

  • With the use of fibroblast homogenates, oxidation of lignocerate was partially inhibited by various long-chain fatty acids, and residual activity in ALD homogenates was more susceptible to inhibition by palmitate than normal [5].


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