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Chemical Compound Review

Trilinolenin     2,3-bis[[(9Z,12Z,15Z)- octadeca-9,12,15...

Synonyms: AC1NUWV0, CHEBI:75845, T6513_SIGMA, LMGL03010527, 92118_FLUKA, ...
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High impact information on Trilinolein

  • We saw dramatic repression of SCD1 mRNA expression, with trilinolenin at 3% and triarachidonin at 1% supplementation [1].
  • There was a significantly higher level (P < 0.001) of trilinolenin (C36) in the oil of tapioca-based silkworm as compared to castor-based silkworm pupae [2].
  • In addition, expression of LPL mRNA was not significantly altered in chickens fed for 7 d on diets containing 8% olive oil (triolein rich), safflower oil (trilinolein rich), or linseed oil (trilinolenin rich) [3].
  • On the other hand, adipose LPL mRNA expression in chickens force-fed for 12 h with a trilinolenin (18:3) emulsion after 48-h feed deprivation was significantly decreased when compared to that in chickens force-fed with a triolein (18:1) or trilinolein (18:2) emulsion [3].
  • The absorption of halofantrine directly into the blood showed a trend towards a higher AUC for trilinolien and trilinolenin compared to triolein, but no statistical difference could be found [4].


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