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Gene Review

Scd1  -  stearoyl-Coenzyme A desaturase 1

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AA589638, AI265570, Acyl-CoA desaturase 1, Delta(9)-desaturase 1, Delta-9 desaturase 1, ...
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Disease relevance of Scd1


High impact information on Scd1


Chemical compound and disease context of Scd1


Biological context of Scd1


Anatomical context of Scd1


Associations of Scd1 with chemical compounds


Regulatory relationships of Scd1


Other interactions of Scd1

  • The SCD1 deficiency rescued hepatic steatosis of the PPARalpha(-/-) mice [3].
  • The promoter sequence of Scd3 reveals similarity with Scd1 in the proximal region but also possesses several distinctive features including the polyunsaturated fatty acid-response element [21].
  • Previously, two members of this gene family, namely, Scd1 and Scd2, have been reported [21].
  • The lipogenic diet fed to mice with a null mutation in the SCD1 gene (SCD-/-) fails to induce the synthesis of triglycerides in liver, despite the induction of expression of SREBP-1 and its target genes, fatty acid synthase and glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase [25].
  • The content of phosphatidylcholine (PC) was increased by 40% and the activities of CTP:choline cytidylyltransferase (CCT), the rate-limiting enzyme in de novo PC synthesis, and choline phosphotransferase were increased by 64 and 53%, respectively, in liver of Scd1-/- mice [19].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Scd1

  • By haplotype analysis and direct sequencing of PCR products, we show that this mutation is a new allele of the asebia locus with a naturally occurring mutation in the Scd1 gene (a CCC insertion at nucleotide position 835 in exon 5), which codes for stearoyl-CoA desaturase 1 [26].
  • Furthermore, when the fat-free diet was supplemented with triacylglycerides containing polyunsaturated fatty acids, the transcription of the SCD1 gene and the induction of the SCD1 mRNA were significantly blunted [27].
  • Northern blot analysis revealed that SCD1 mRNA levels were markedly higher than that in control kidneys [28].
  • In control mice, constitutive renal SCD1 expression was low; however, TO-901317 treatment markedly increased SCD1 expression in the outer stripe of the outer medulla as assessed by both in situ hybridization and immunostain [28].
  • The Northern blot and RT-PCR analyses showed that the SCD mRNA was expressed predominantly in the liver, intestine, gill, and muscle, while a lower level was found in the brain [29].


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