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Chemical Compound Review

Triolein     2,3-bis[[(Z)-octadec-9- enoyl]oxy]propyl...

Synonyms: Raoline, Olein, tri-Olein, Kaolube 190, AC1NUZLF, ...
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Disease relevance of Triolein


High impact information on Triolein


Chemical compound and disease context of Triolein


Biological context of Triolein

  • Thus, triolein is present in the bilayer in an orientation appropriate for enzymatic hydrolysis, with the second substrate (H2O) in close proximity to the hydrolytic site, and with a conformation that could explain, in part, enzymatic specificity for hydrolysis at the alpha position [13].
  • Similar kinetics has earlier been reported using phospholipid-emulsified triolein droplets (Borgström, B. (1980) Gastroenterology 78, 954-962) [14].
  • Enzyme activity was enhanced, 2.5-fold against trioleoylglycerol, concomitant with phosphorylation, with half-maximal effect within 30 sec, a rate of phosphorylation of the enzyme comparable to that obtained in vivo (Nilsson, N. O., Strålfors, P., Fredrikson, G., and Belfrage, P. (1980) FEBS Lett. 111, 125-130) [15].
  • To understand how apoA-I behaves at hydrophobic lipoprotein interfaces, the interfacial properties of apoA-I and an amphipathic alpha-helical consensus sequence peptide (CSP) were studied at the triolein/water (TO/W) interface [16].
  • Substrate specificity studies showed that ES-10 is also able to catalyze hydrolysis of triolein [17].

Anatomical context of Triolein


Associations of Triolein with other chemical compounds

  • Trypsin, chymotrypsin, lipolytic, lipase, and colipase activities were measured in fresh undiluted or diluted (1:4 and 1:16 with saline and T-tube bile) duodenal juice as well as after adding CaCl2, casein, triolein, or a chymotrypsin inhibitor [6].
  • Cosonicated mixtures of egg phosphatidylcholine and small amounts (less than 5% wt/wt) of triolein have been studied by 13C NMR spectroscopy [13].
  • Liposomes prepared from egg-yolk PC alone did not induce macrophage growth, but those prepared from mixtures of egg-yolk PC and cholesterol or cholesteryl esters other than cholesteryl oleate, or triglycerides other than triolein, enhanced 3H-TdR incorporation into macrophages [23].
  • No activity was found with any denatured PHA, oligomers of (R)-3HB with five or less 3HB units, poly(6-hydroxyhexanoate), substrates of lipases such as tributyrin or triolein, substrates for amidases/nitrilases, DNA, RNA, casein, N-alpha-benzoyl-l-arginine-4-nitranilide, or starch [24].
  • Lipolysis reactions were carried out on synthetic trioctanoin or triolein, which are homogenous, prochiral triglycerides, chosen as models for physiological lipase substrates [25].

Gene context of Triolein

  • In contrast, chimeric HL containing the LPL lid was more active against triolein (123% of the wild type) and less active against DOPC (23, 0, and 30%, respectively) than normal HL [26].
  • In contrast, dietary 18:1(n-9), i.e. triolein, had no inhibitory influence on the expression of SREBP-1 or FAS [27].
  • Fat malabsorption, assessed by the triolein breath test, was more common among patients with increased motilin and PYY [28].
  • The pH profile of human white adipose tissue triolein hydrolase activity was identical to that of HSL but differed from the ATGL profile [29].
  • The rates of LpL-catalyzed hydrolysis of trioleoylglycerol and DPPC were determined at pH 7.4 and 8.5 in the presence and absence of apoC-II [30].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Triolein


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