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Disease relevance of Trilinolein


High impact information on Trilinolein

  • A mixture of CLA-triester/trilinolein (1:9), trilinolein or CLA-triester was separately subjected to pancreatic lipase hydrolysis in vitro to determine whether the lymphatic recovery of CLA was correlated with the initial step of digestion [6].
  • Male broiler chickens were fed 8 g/100 g fat diets differing only in the fat source: palm oil (tripalmitin-rich), olive oil (triolein-rich), safflower oil (trilinolein-rich) and linseed oil (trilinolenin-rich) [7].
  • All three acyl moieties of trilinolein are efficiently oxygenated by recombinant His-tagged lipid body lipoxygenase in vitro [8].
  • Moreover, trilinolein oxygenation by soybean lipoxygenase-1 leads mainly to monohydroperoxy derivatives, whereas oxygenation by lipid body LOX leads to a trihydroperoxy derivative [8].
  • The results suggest that dietary trilinolein inhibits the characteristic increase in liver G6PD, ME and total lipids upon starvation-refeeding [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of Trilinolein


Biological context of Trilinolein


Anatomical context of Trilinolein

  • Adipose tissue G6PD and ME activities decreased slightly with increasing trilinolein in starved-refed rats, but did not decrease in ad libitum fed rats [9].
  • This study confirmed the effect of CPB on erythrocyte deformability and showed that this damage could be significantly improved by mixing blood with trilinolein [17].
  • In the cultured rat brain astrocytes (RBA), the activity of SOD (both Cu,Zn-SOD and Mn-SOD subtypes) was markedly increased by incubation with trilinolein at low concentration (0.1 microM) for 2 days [12].
  • The inhibitory effect of trilinolein on neutrophil adhesion may play a role in its myocardial protective activity [18].
  • Furthermore, the effect of trilinolein on infarct size was evaluated by occluding the coronary artery for 4 h before the infarct zone was stained and weighed [2].

Associations of Trilinolein with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Trilinolein


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Trilinolein


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