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Chemical Compound Review

TRIMETHYLLEAD     trimethyllead

Synonyms: Trimethyl lead, AG-G-53668, LS-2179, AC1O3FED, CTK5C5784, ...
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Disease relevance of trimethyllead


High impact information on trimethyllead


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of trimethyllead

  • For the trimethyllead ion the validity of the results was examined by selectivity checks of the chemical reaction detector, by the application of different stationary and mobile phases in single and dual pre-column HPLC systems and by the use of thermospray LC-mass spectrometry as an independent method [5].
  • Identification of trimethyllead in urine by high-performance liquid chromatography with column switching and chemical reaction detection and by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry [5].
  • Trimethyllead acetate: a first-choice heavy atom derivative for protein crystallography [6].
  • The accuracy of the system was confirmed by additional analysis of the water samples by capillary gas chromatography coupled with microwave-induced plasma-atomic-emission spectrometry and the analysis of a standard reference material CRM 605 (road dust) with a certified content of trimethyllead [7].
  • The influence of trimethyl lead (TriML) and inorganic lead (Pb) on the in vitro assembly of microtubules (MTs) from tubulin of porcine brain was studied using turbidity measurements and electron microscopy [3].


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