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Reference Standards

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Disease relevance of Reference Standards


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Chemical compound and disease context of Reference Standards


Biological context of Reference Standards


Anatomical context of Reference Standards

  • Results of restaging examinations were used as an independent reference standard for diagnosing progressive disease, and S100beta, MIA, LDH level, and erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) were determined in venous blood just before restaging [22].
  • Using a modified Oldendorf technique, 14C-labeled glucose analogues with a 3H2O reference standard were introduced into the cerebral circulation via the common carotid artery, and the radioactivity of the ipsilateral cerebral cortex was counted and expressed in terms of a brain uptake index (BUI) [23].
  • The dilution curves of several plasmas drawn before and after TRH were parallel to those obtained with TSH standard preparation [24].
  • Rabbit skeletal-muscle troponin T was phosphorylated by a standard preparation of phosphorylase kinase [Cohen (1973) Eur. J. Biochem. 34, 1--14] and by fractions obtained after chromatography of phosphorylase kinase on phosphocellulose [25].
  • With bovine serum albumin as the reference standard, the armadillo salivary-gland glycoprotein, although containing no chromogenic amino acids and only small amounts of colour-yielding peptides [Chou & Goldstein (1960) Biochem. J. 75, 100-115], is highly reactive in the Lowry phenol protein assay [Wu & Pigman (1977) Biochem. J. 161, 37-47] [26].

Associations of Reference Standards with chemical compounds


Gene context of Reference Standards

  • Using reverse transcription-PCR, the relative expression of mRNA for both estrogen receptor (ER) beta and transforming growth factor beta1 was determined in each patient group and quantified against a known reference standard [31].
  • Our characterization of these enzyme levels provides a reference standard for normal cathepsin B and L activities in human tissues that should enhance the detection of their deregulation in disease states [32].
  • The parent compound 4 is a selective, orally bioavailable 5-LO inhibitor which can serve as a useful reference standard for in vivo pharmacological studies involving leukotriene-mediated phenonmena [33].
  • The chromatographic pattern of extracted placenta CRF, pregnancy serum CRF and CRF standard preparation was identical [34].
  • In addition to providing a useful reference standard for Tg antibody IgG subclass assays, VB/5 antibody and the hybridoma line provide a valuable starting point for detailed studies of Tg autoantibodies and the genes coding for the variable regions of their heavy and light chains [35].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Reference Standards


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