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Chemical Compound Review

SureCN1331548     1-[ (3R,5R,8R,9R,10S,11S,13S,14S,1 7S)-3,11...

Synonyms: LMST02030100, ZINC04096762, AC1L23H7, C05476, 68-42-8, ...
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Disease relevance of C05476

  • METHODS: We assessed the 11beta-HSD activity by measuring the urinary ratio of tetrahydrocorticosterone (THB) plus 5alpha-tetrahydrocorticosterone (5alpha-THB) to 11-dehydro-tetrahydrocorticosterone (THA) by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry in rats with puromycin aminonucleoside (PAN)-induced proteinuria and with adriamycin nephrosis [1].
  • In a large group of patients with untreated hypertension, excretion rates of tetrahydrocorticosterone (THB), allotetrahydrocorticosterone (alloTHB) and tetrahydro-11-dehydrocorticosterone (THA) were all significantly higher than in a group of matched normotensive controls [2].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of C05476


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