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Chemical Compound Review

Dolcuran     ethyl 5,10-dimethyl-2-oxo-1-aza-5...

Synonyms: Probonal, Rimagina, Probon, Rimazolium, CHEMBL263807, ...
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Disease relevance of Rimazolium Metilsulfate

  • The reduced toxicity of indomethacin in combination with Probon is probably due to a change in metabolism produced by the hepatic microsomal enzyme inducer, Probon [1].
  • Analgesic effect of Probon in heart diseases [2].
  • Observations with Probon in the treatment of coxarthroses [3].
  • In patients with chronic intractable pain, a combination of azidomorphine (0.5 mg) and Probon (150 mg) achieved total pain relief without noticeable euphoria and none of the patients subjected to nalorphine-precipitation showed signs of abstinence according to the Himmelsbach scoring system [4].

High impact information on Rimazolium Metilsulfate


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