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Pain, Intractable

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  • Several clinical studies have shown oral morphine and methadone to be effective in the treatment of intractable pain in patients with malignant disease [13].
  • The minimum effective analgetic blood concentration (MEAC) of pethidine following intravenous administration was identified in 3 patients with intractable pain [14].
  • In an attempt to clarify the neurochemical background of central post-stroke pain and to undertake a pharmacological analysis, the basic pharmacological characteristics of this intractable pain syndrome were investigated by the morphine, thiamylal and ketamine tests [15].
  • We have previously reported 10 patient histories involving various intractable pain syndromes where the administration of Haloperidol either eliminated the need for narcotic analgesics or resulted in a significant reduction in narcotic dosage [16].
  • Intrathecal methyl prednisolone may be considered for intractable pain but efficacy and safety have not been confirmed [17].

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