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Chemical Compound Review

CHEMBL154085     naphthalene-2-carboxamide

Synonyms: SureCN546633, AG-C-04232, ACMC-20ak76, TimTec1_000199, NSC-171209, ...
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High impact information on NSC171209

  • In contrast, dipeptide nucleophiles did not significantly accelerate the cathepsin B-catalyzed cleavage of either the p-nitroanilide or the 2-naphthylamide of N alpha-benzoylarginine, suggesting that the hydrolysis of these amide substrates was acylation rate-limiting [1].
  • Isolated hepatocytes were incubated with vinblastine to induce autophagosome accumulation; the cells were then homogenized and treated with the cathepsin C substrate glycyl-l-phenylalanine 2-naphthylamide to cause osmotic disruption of the lysosomes [2].
  • The specificity of the synthetic substrate Gly-[L-Asp]4-L-Lys 2-naphthylamide originally developed for the assay of enteropeptidase (EC, was investigated with partially purified aminopeptidase [3].
  • When Z-Gly-Gly-Leu-Nap (where -Nap represents 2-naphthylamide) was substituted for the above substrate, no NE-catalysed hydrolysis occurred, but Z-Leu-Leu-Glu-Nap was readily hydrolysed by NE [4].
  • The pH-dependences of kcat, Km and kcat./Km for the hydrolysis at 25 degrees C at I 0.1 of L-arginine 2-naphthylamide catalysed by cathepsin H from bovine spleen were determined in the pH range approx. 4-8 [5].

Biological context of NSC171209

  • Intralysosomal hydrolysis of glycyl-L-phenylalanine 2-naphthylamide [6].
  • The effect of temperature on the apparent Km of L-leucyl-4-methoxy 2-naphthylamide and th dipeptide phenylalanyl-glycine was small, especially between 10 and 25 C. The apparent Km varied only between 36.7 and 49.8 microM at these temperatures and the six common genotypes did not differ in temperature-dependent substrate affinities [7].
  • A single round of random mutagenesis followed by screening for hydrolytic activity for oleoyl 2-naphthylamide as compared with that for oleoyl 2-naphthyl ester identified five mutants with 1.7-2.0-fold increased relative amidase activities [8].

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