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Chemical Compound Review

NITRIC ACID     nitric acid

Synonyms: Nital, RFNA, Salpetersaure, Salpetersaeure, HONO2, ...
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Disease relevance of nitric acid

  • Immune cell infiltration and broncovascular remodeling after nitric Acid nasal instillation in a mouse bronchiolitis obliterans model [1].

High impact information on nitric acid

  • NAC administration increased the ReGSH (P = 0.036) and decreased the MDA, MPO, and NN (P = 0.008, P = 0.01, P = 0.032, respectively), compared with the CLP group [2].
  • Nitric acid treatment results in an increase in adsorption capacity of fly ash (2.4 x 10(-5) mol/g) while it decreases the adsorption capacity for red mud (3.2 x 10(-6) mol/g) [3].
  • Nitric acid passivation does not affect in vitro biocompatibility of titanium [4].
  • Nitric acid is found mostly in particulate form, but gas to particulate partitioning of SO2 shows seasonal variation [5].
  • Nitric acid was used to extract the metals from the tissues for analysis by inductively-coupled plasma/atomic emission spectroscopy (ICP/AES) [6].

Biological context of nitric acid


Anatomical context of nitric acid

  • Animals were sacrificed following the last injection and radii were fixed in 10% NBF, decalcified in 3% Nitric acid, doubly embedded, sectioned at 4 to 5 micrometer, and routinely processed for histological measurements of the midcoronal height and width of the cartilage zones of the proximal and distal epiphyses [8].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of nitric acid

  • Nitric acid-soluble lead in 1100 samples collected at a total of 19 monitoring stations was determined by atomic absorption spectroscopy and by differential pulse polarography [9].
  • Nitric acid digests of blood samples from pups 10 and 21 d old and from animals allowed a Pb-free period of 3-3.5 mo after treatment were also analyzed for Pb concentration [10].


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