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Disease relevance of Bronchiolitis


High impact information on Bronchiolitis


Chemical compound and disease context of Bronchiolitis


Biological context of Bronchiolitis


Anatomical context of Bronchiolitis

  • These in vitro findings showing that dex failed to consistently inhibit all the RSV-induced release of neutrophil inflammatory mediators may explain the variable efficacy of corticosteroids in the treatment of RSV bronchiolitis [20].
  • The percentage of BAL eosinophils correlated significantly with levels of BAL IL-5 in both the asthma group (r = 0.80, P =.000) and the bronchiolitis group (r = 0.82, P =.000) [21].
  • These results are in agreement with the reduced cyclic adenosine monophosphate response to different agonists demonstrated in leukocytes from patients with asthma, and suggest that this refractoriness could be one of the precipitating events in the development of asthma observed in a large proportion of infants who have had bronchiolitis [22].
  • The IL-4/interferon-gamma ratio for infants with acute bronchiolitis was elevated in nasal lavage fluid on both Days 1-2 (p = 0.014) and Days 5-7 (p = 0.001) of the illness compared with infants with upper respiratory tract infection alone [23].
  • Therefore, the inflammatory process in RSV-induced bronchiolitis appears to be triggered by the infection of epithelial cells and further amplified via mechanisms driven by IFN-gamma and by the secretion of eosinophil chemokines [24].

Gene context of Bronchiolitis

  • Critical role for the chemokine MCP-1/CCR2 in the pathogenesis of bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome [25].
  • Critical role for CXCR3 chemokine biology in the pathogenesis of bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome [26].
  • Smad3 deficiency ameliorates experimental obliterative bronchiolitis in a heterotopic tracheal transplantation model [27].
  • Additionally, MIP-1-alpha, IL-8, and RANTES concentrations were measured from lower respiratory secretions obtained from 10 intubated infants (0-24 mo) with RSV bronchiolitis, and from 10 control subjects [28].
  • IL-10 responses during the acute phase of RSV bronchiolitis were comparable to those in healthy control subjects [15].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Bronchiolitis


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