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Gene Review

TESK2  -  testis-specific kinase 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Dual specificity testis-specific protein kinase 2, Testicular protein kinase 2
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High impact information on TESK2

  • Thus, TESK1 and TESK2 seem to play distinct roles in spermatogenesis [1].
  • A TESK2 mutant lacking the C-terminal noncatalytic region had about a 10-fold higher kinase activity in vitro and, when expressed in HeLa cells, induced punctate actin aggregates in the cytoplasm and unusual condensation and fragmentation of nuclei, followed by apoptosis [1].
  • Cofilin phosphorylation and actin reorganization activities of testicular protein kinase 2 and its predominant expression in testicular Sertoli cells [1].
  • The open reading frame of TESK2 encodes a putative 555-amino-acid protein, including a protein kinase consensus sequence in the N-terminal half [2].
  • Expression analysis of human TESK2 revealed a single mRNA species of 3.0 kb predominantly expressed in testis and prostate and low expression in most other tissues examined [2].


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