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Gene Review

CFL1  -  cofilin 1 (non-muscle)

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: 18 kDa phosphoprotein, CFL, Cofilin, non-muscle isoform, Cofilin-1, HEL-S-15, ...
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Disease relevance of CFL1


Psychiatry related information on CFL1

  • However, we could detect no difference in the levels of expression of either ADF or cofilin in the hippocampal tissue from normal individuals and Alzheimer's disease patients [6].
  • Two standardized neuropsychological word-generation tasks (controlled word-association tests: CFL and Animals) were then administered (4 minutes total) followed again by the two baseline procedures [7].
  • Participants completed neuropsychological testing with the Dementia Rating Scale (DRS), Logical Memory, and CFL Word Fluency. There were no significant demographic group differences, although seniors with epilepsy had higher self-reported depression [8].

High impact information on CFL1


Chemical compound and disease context of CFL1


Biological context of CFL1


Anatomical context of CFL1


Associations of CFL1 with chemical compounds

  • LIMK-1 phosphorylation and cofilin dephosphorylation and rephosphorylation during aggregation were independent of integrin alpha(IIb)beta(3) engagement [18].
  • Ouabain-sensitive (86)Rb(+) uptake showed that Na,K-ATPase activity was increased by the overexpression of cofilin and lysophosphatidic acid treatment, but not by the overexpression of mutant cofilin S3A and Y-27632 treatment [21].
  • Pretreatment with the glycolytic inhibitor iodoacetic acid caused a remarkable reduction of Na,K-ATPase activity, whereas pretreatment with the oxidative inhibitor carbonyl cyanide m-chlorophenylhydrazone caused no detectable changes, suggesting that the phosphorylated cofilin is involved in feeding glycolytic fuel for Na,K-ATPase activity [21].
  • Importantly, knockdown of SSH1L expression by RNA interference abolished A23187- or calcineurin-induced cofilin dephosphorylation [23].
  • Phosphoinositide 3-kinase-mediated activation of cofilin phosphatase Slingshot and its role for insulin-induced membrane protrusion [24].

Physical interactions of CFL1

  • We demonstrated that dual regulation of cyclic AMP and Ca2+ determines cofilin (an actin-binding protein) phosphorylation states and LIM kinase 1 (a cofilin kinase) expression level during neuritogenesis [25].
  • These results are consistent with a model in which pH-dependent motion of subdomain 1 relative to subdomain 2 (through region 75-105) of actin reveals a second cofilin binding site on actin (centered around region 112-125) that allows ADF/cofilin association with the actin filament [26].

Enzymatic interactions of CFL1

  • Surprisingly, during shape change cofilin phosphorylation was unaltered, and during aggregation/secretion cofilin was first rapidly dephosphorylated by an okadaic acid-insensitive phosphatase and then slowly rephosphorylated by LIMK-1 [18].
  • These results suggest that SSH1 plays a critical role in cytokinesis by dephosphorylating and reactivating cofilin in later stages of mitosis [27].
  • Like LIM-kinases, TESK1 phosphorylated cofilin specifically at Ser-3, both in vitro and in vivo [22].
  • Further, we examined the localization of the phosphorylated form of cofilin using phospho-specific antibody raised against phosphorylated cofilin [28].
  • CIN directly dephosphorylates cofilin with high specificity and colocalizes with cofilin in motile and dividing cells [29].

Regulatory relationships of CFL1


Other interactions of CFL1


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of CFL1

  • Expression of non-phosphorylatable mutant cofilin proteins in NIH3T3 cells and determination of their subcellular localization by confocal laser scanning microscopy reveal that non-phosphorylated cofilin accumulates within nuclei [36].
  • Filaments of cofilin-decorated TMR-actin and unlabeled actin are indistinguishable, as revealed by electron microscopy and three-dimensional reconstruction [37].
  • The de-phosphorylation of cofilin-1 was confirmed using western blotting of UV-exposed skin equivalents and ex vivo skin protein extracts [38].
  • These two proteins were identified as the phosphorylated and non-phosphorylated forms of the pH-sensitive actin-depolymerizing protein, cofilin, by sequencing of peptide fragments and immunoblotting with a monoclonal antibody specific for cofilin [39].
  • To determine whether the DNA repair capacity was altered in cofilin over-expressing cells, comet assays were performed on irradiated cells [5].


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