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Gene Review

CHRNB1  -  cholinergic receptor, nicotinic, beta 1...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: ACHRB, Acetylcholine receptor subunit beta, CHRNB, CMS1D, CMS2A, ...
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Disease relevance of CHRNB1

  • Additional candidate genes clearly must be evaluated in order to determine the precise role chromosome 17 and p53 alterations play in endometriosis; however, additional genes seem unlikely to involve region connoted by HGH, D17S250 or CHRNB1 [1].
  • No evidence for an association of AChR beta-subunit gene (CHRNB1) with myasthenia gravis [2].
  • Interestingly however, the shortest four variants of the CHRNB1 microsatellite were seen only in patients with thymus hyperplasia and in none of the control subjects (P < 0.0025) [2].

High impact information on CHRNB1


Biological context of CHRNB1

  • LoH for other alleles on chromosome 17 was observed less often, namely only 3 of 15 specimens for HGH, 1 of 15 for D17S250, and 0 of 15 for CHRNB1 [1].

Associations of CHRNB1 with chemical compounds


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