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Gene Review

Chrnb1  -  cholinergic receptor, nicotinic, beta...

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AChR beta, Acetylcholine receptor subunit beta, Achr-2, Acrb
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Disease relevance of Chrnb1


High impact information on Chrnb1

  • From these data, we could estimate the location of the nu gene, not only genetically but also physically within a region that spans approximately 17 megabases (9 cM) between the Acrb and Mpo genes [2].
  • In contrast, LOH was not detected in 20 liver tumors from methylene chloride-treated mice at the Acrb locus, which is tightly linked to the p53 gene on chromosome 11 [3].
  • Mapping of markers in both the T16Ad14B and T16Ad19A hybrids localized the T16Ad translocation breakpoint between the proximal markers Atplb2 and Acrb and the more distal markers Scya2 and Mpo [4].


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