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Gene Review

KCNH8  -  potassium channel, voltage gated eag...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: ELK, ELK channel 3, ELK1, ELK3, Ether-a-go-go-like potassium channel 3, ...
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High impact information on KCNH8

  • RESULTS: At the doses used in the study, both the PFE and the regular pomegranate juice concentrate reduced the activation of ELK-1 and p-CREB and increased eNOS expression (which was decreased by perturbed shear stress) in cultured human endothelial cells and in atherosclerosis-prone areas of hypercholesterolemic mice [1].
  • KCNH8 was expressed at high levels, and the distribution showed substantial overlap with KCNH3 [2].
  • In Xenopus oocytes, KCNH8 gives rise to slowly activating, voltage-dependent K+ currents that open at hyperpolarized potentials (half-maximal activation at -62 mV) [2].
  • Moreover, these SREs are binding sites for Elk1, suggesting that NO activated Egr-1 gene transcription via activation of Elk1 [3].
  • Likewise, we detected an activation of the transcriptional activation potential of the ternary complex factor Elk1, a key transcriptional regulator of serum response element-driven gene transcription [3].

Biological context of KCNH8

  • In the ets gene family of transcription factors, elk1 belongs to the subfamily of Ternary Complex Factors (TCFs) which bind to the Serum Response Element (SRE) in conjunction with a dimer of Serum Response Factors (SRFs) [4].


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