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Gene Review

UL4  -  colocalizes with regulatory protein ICP22...

Bovine herpesvirus 1

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Disease relevance of UL4

  • The BHV-1 ORFs were arranged colinearly with the prototype sequence of herpes simplex virus 1 in the range of the UL21 to UL4 genes [1].
  • Virus-induced proteins in pseudorabies-infected cells. II. Proteins of the virion and nucleocapsid [2].
  • A short ORF of 72 codons between UL3 and UL4 of ILTV is positionally homologous to the UL3.5 gene present in the genomes of different members of the Varicellovirus genus of alphaherpesviruses, but not in herpes simplex virus [3].

High impact information on UL4


Biological context of UL4


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of UL4

  • Proteins and glycoproteins of virion of VZV were analyzed by immunoprecipitation with antisera against partially purified virion of VZV [4].


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