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Gene Review

bel  - 

Human spumaretrovirus

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Disease relevance of bel


High impact information on bel

  • Our studies with transgenic mice demonstrate that HFV transgenes encompassing the bel region are transiently transcribed between midgestation and birth at moderate levels in various tissues [5].
  • We have analysed whether there is interference between the HFV long terminal repeat promoter and the internal promoter located in the 3' end of env upstream of the bel genes [6].
  • The helper and vector plasmid constructs used both lack the HFV bel genes, so recombination between these constructs cannot create a wild-type virus [7].
  • An HFV transgene called delta gpe, containing both promoters and all bel genes, is expressed in the central nervous system and induces neurodegeneration in mice [8].
  • The human foamy or spumaretrovirus (HFV) is a complex retrovirus that codes for the three retroviral genes gag, pol, and env and the regulatory and accessory bel genes [9].


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