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Gene Review

NIa-Pro  - 

Sweet potato feathery mottle virus

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Disease relevance of NIa-Pro

  • Another signal corresponding to approximately 49 kDa was detected in disrupted, RNase-treated virions with anti-VPg antibodies but not with antibodies to NIa-Pro [1].
  • NIaPro and two NIaPro-containing polyproteins (NIa and 6/NIa) were analyzed from extracts of recombinant Escherichia coli [2].
  • Binding properties of P1, HC-Pro, CI and NIaPro are consistent with previous studies carried out on a few other potyviruses, but the binding of VPg, NIb and CP to RNA reveal novel interactions between RNA and potyvirus proteins [3].

High impact information on NIa-Pro

  • In previous work, we have shown that the protease domain of the nuclear inclusion a protease (NIaPro) from PVY is the elicitor of the Ry-mediated resistance and that integrity of the protease active site is required for the elicitation of the resistance response [4].
  • To resolve these possibilities, the NIaPro from PVY was randomly mutagenised and the clones obtained were screened for elicitation of cell death as an indicator of resistance and proteolytic activity [4].
  • Eighteen recombination sites were found spaced throughout the 5' two-thirds of the genome, but there were only two in the 3' one-third; thus, 24 and 35 % of the P1 and NIa-VPg gene sequences examined were recombinants, whereas only 1 % of the corresponding NIa-Pro and CP gene sequences were recombinants [5].
  • The results of this study indicate that NIaPro catalyses proteolytic cleavages preferentially in cis, and that the 6K1/CI and NIb/CP sites can also be processed in trans [6].
  • The sites at the P3/6K1, CI-6K2 and VPg/NIaPro junctions were processed slowly, in contrast to other proteolytic cleavage sites which were processed at a high rate [6].

Biological context of NIa-Pro


Associations of NIa-Pro with chemical compounds

  • Their sequences agree with consensus potyviral NIa-Pro cleavage sequences except for that at the 6K-VPg site, which is characterized by a glutamic acid residue preceding the hydrolysed peptide bond [7].


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