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Gene Review

hmg-4  -  Protein HMG-4

Caenorhabditis elegans

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High impact information on hmg-4

  • P2 signaling downregulates an HMG domain protein, POP-1, in one EMS daughter [1].
  • pop-1 encodes an HMG box protein required for the specification of a mesoderm precursor in early C. elegans embryos [2].
  • In the sister MS cell, the endoderm fate is prevented by the action of an HMG box-containing protein, POP-1, through an unknown mechanism [3].
  • Finally, the HMG protein POP-1, a downstream component of the Wnt signalling pathway, has recently been shown to be important in many anterior/posterior fate decisions during C. elegans embryogenesis (Lin, R., Hill, R. J. and Priess, J. R. (1998) Cell 92, 229-239) [4].
  • In lymphocyte differentiation, several HMG box proteins play a decisive role [5].

Biological context of hmg-4

  • The comparison of DNA sequences that code for HMG-box proteins suggests that the ancestral HMG box was coded by an intronless gene, which picked up one or more introns during its radiation [6].


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