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Gene Review

par-4  -  Protein PAR-4

Caenorhabditis elegans

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High impact information on par-4

  • Four mutations in par-1 and par-4 are fully expressed maternal effect lethal mutations; all embryos from mothers homozygous for these mutations arrest as amorphous masses of differentiated cells but are specifically lacking intestinal cells [1].
  • Four mutations in par-2, par-3, and par-4 are incompletely expressed maternal effect lethal mutations and are also grandchildless; some embryos from homozygous mothers survive and grow to become infertile adults due to absence of functional germ cells [1].
  • Thus, PAL-1 is not expressed in par-4 mutants because MEX-3 remains active in all blastomeres [2].
  • Several strong par-4 mutant alleles are missense mutations that alter conserved residues within the kinase domain, suggesting that kinase activity is essential for PAR-4 function [3].
  • We propose that the primary function of the par-4 gene is to act as part of a maternally encoded system for cytoplasmic localization in the first cell cycle, with par-4 playing a particularly important role in the determination of intestine [4].

Biological context of par-4


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