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Gene Review

sax-1  -  Protein SAX-1

Caenorhabditis elegans

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High impact information on sax-1

  • In sax-2 mutants, the PLM sensory dendrite fails to slow between the active growth and maintenance growth phases, leading to sustained overlap of anterior and posterior mechanosensory processes. sax-2 encodes a large conserved protein with HEAT/Armadillo repeats that functions with sax-1, an NDR cell morphology-regulating kinase [1].
  • The ectopic neurites in sensory neurons of sax-1 mutants resemble the defects caused by decreased sensory activity [2].
  • Dominant negative mutations in the C. elegans RhoA GTPase cause neuronal cell shape defects similar to those of sax-1 mutants, and genetic interactions between rhoA and sax-1 suggest shared functions [2].

Anatomical context of sax-1

  • We identified a mutation in sax-2 and show that the sax-2/Furry and sax-1/Tricornered pathway affects ectopic neurite outgrowth and establishment of normal axon synapses [3].
  • Here, we show that C. elegans sax-1 and sax-2 regulate mechanosensory tiling by controlling the termination point of sensory dendrites [1].


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