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Gene Review

ELAVL4  -  ELAV like neuron-specific RNA binding...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: ELAV-like protein 4, HUD, Hu-antigen D, HuD, PNEM, ...
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Disease relevance of ELAVL4

  • Association between the neuron-specific RNA-binding protein ELAVL4 and Parkinson disease [1].
  • CONCLUSIONS: ELAVL4 QPCR can be used to detect residual neuroblastoma cells in clinical samples [2].
  • Patients with strictures no longer than 50 mm, no complete block or marked tortuousness, and no paraurethral sepsis were selected for OIU, urethral catheter for seven days followed by HUD) for one month [3].

High impact information on ELAVL4

  • Non-idiotype antibody responses (anti-mouse-IgG3 or anti-tumor nuclear HUD antigen) had no apparent impact on PFS or survival [4].
  • In addition, 32%, 11%, and 38% of all BM, PB, and PBSC samples scored positive for TH, GALGT, or ELAVL4, respectively [2].
  • The gene encoding ELAVL4, a member of the Hu family of proteins, is located 2 Mb from the chromosome 1p linkage region peak for age-at-onset (AAO) of Parkinson disease (PD) (LOD = 3.41) [1].
  • Nine single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in ELAVL4 were genotyped for 266 multiplex families (1,223 samples) [1].
  • High efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA) vacuums, which collect particles > 0.3 micro m, and trisodium phosphate (TSP), a detergent claimed to selectively remove lead, have been included in the HUD Guidelines for the Evaluation and Control of Lead Based Paint Hazards in Housing without systematic validation of their effectiveness [5].

Biological context of ELAVL4

  • The issue of reduction of lead in gasoline is discussed in relation to the evidence generated by HUD concerning the relationship of blood lead in urban children in New York City to seasonal variations in consumption of leaded gasoline in that area [6].
  • The Eye Tracker utilizes infra-red technology mounted on fully adjustable goggles to follow eye movements targeted by either a goggles mounted HUD type display or a wall mounted light bank [7].

Associations of ELAVL4 with chemical compounds

  • These study units are a subset of a larger cohort of the nearly 3500 housing units enrolled in the Evaluation of the HUD Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Grant Program. Dust lead loading measurements were taken prior to cleaning, immediately after cleaning (i.e., clearance), and six months, one, two, and three years post-intervention [8].

Other interactions of ELAVL4

  • The TH and ELAVL4 assays could detect 1 neuroblastoma cell in 10(6) mononuclear cells [2].
  • We assessed the potential prognostic value of TH, GALGT, and ELAVL4 QPCR by analyzing subsequent samples from 3 patients with stage 4 disease [2].


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