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Gene Review

Rbp9  -  RNA-binding protein 9

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG15402, CG3151, Dmel\CG3151, RBP9, RBP9-2, ...
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Disease relevance of Rbp9


High impact information on Rbp9


Biological context of Rbp9


Anatomical context of Rbp9

  • To test whether Rbp9 is also required for germline sex determination, we examined the sex transformation process of female germ cells in Rbp9 mutant flies [7].
  • To examine the role of Rbp9, we over-expressed it ectopically in germline stem cells and early stage cystocytes that had not yet formed 16 cell clusters [6].
  • Despite the predominant expression of RBP9 in nerve cells, mutational analysis revealed a female sterility phenotype rather than neuronal defects for Rbp9 mutants [1].
  • Polytene chromosomes of good cytological quality from pseudonurse cells (PNCs) of fs(2)B and otu11 mutants were obtained, photomaps for otu11 mutants were constructed and the general characteristics of polytene chromosomes from salivary glands (SGs) and PNCs were compared [8].

Physical interactions of Rbp9


Regulatory relationships of Rbp9

  • RBP9 appears to stimulate cystocyte differentiation by regulating the expression of bag-of-marbles (bam) mRNA, which encodes a developmental regulator of germ cells [1].

Other interactions of Rbp9

  • UV crosslinking experiments demonstrated that Rbp9 interactsspecifically with emc mRNA [5].
  • The detection of Sxl male transcripts and other male germline markers in Rbp9 mutant ovaries revealed that the Rbp9 mutation caused a partial germline sex transformation [7].
  • Mutation of Rbp9 caused over-proliferation of cystocytes and generated an ovarian tumor phenotype [6].
  • Upregulation seems to result from activation of the NF-kappaB pathway since we detected nuclear localization of Relish in Rbp9 mutant ovaries but not in wild type ovaries [2].
  • The Drosophila RNA-binding protein, Staufen is required for germ cell formation, and mutations in stau result in a maternal effect grandchild-less phenotype (Schupbach,T., Weischaus, E., 1989. Female sterile mutations on the second chromosome of Drosophila melanogaster:1. Maternal effect mutations. Genetics 121, 101-17) [9].


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