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Gene Review

PDE12  -  phosphodiesterase 12

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: 2',5'-phosphodiesterase 12, 2'-PDE, 2-PDE, DKFZp667B1218, Mitochondrial deadenylase
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High impact information on 2'-PDE

  • We found a putative 2'-PDE band on SDS-PAGE by successive six-step chromatographies from ammonium sulfate precipitates of bovine liver and identified a partial amino acid sequence of the human 2'-PDE by mass spectrometry [1].
  • Based on the full-length sequence of the human 2'-PDE obtained by in silico expressed sequence tag assembly, the gene was cloned by reverse transcription-PCR [1].
  • Although 2',5'-OASs and RNase L have been molecularly cloned and studied well, the identification of 2'-PDE has remained elusive [1].
  • The 2-5A system is modulated by 5'-triphosphorylated, 2',5'-phosphodiester-linked oligoadenylates (2-5A), which are synthesized by 2',5'-oligoadenylate synthetases (2',5'-OASs), inactivated by 5'-phosphatase and completely degraded by 2'-phosphodiesterase (2'-PDE) [1].
  • Competition of 125I-beta-glucosidase uptake by various carbohydrate-containing fractions indicates that the best inhibitors are those with 2 PDE, either with or without sulfate esters [2].

Biological context of 2'-PDE


Anatomical context of 2'-PDE


Associations of 2'-PDE with chemical compounds

  • 1. The reactivities of aromatic and aliphatic thiols with 2-pyridyldithioethanol (2-PDE), a small molecule disulfide, were determined [5].

Other interactions of 2'-PDE

  • 2'-Phosphodiesterase activity was investigated, by measuring either the disappearance of (2',5')oligo(adenylate) or the release of 5'AMP, in several human cell lines (RSa, IFr, HEC-1, WGAr and HeLa) possessing different sensitivities to interferon, and treated or untreated with human interferon [4].
  • Mouse L cells appeared to contain two different 2-5A synthetase activities, one of which could be separated from 2'-phosphodiesterase activity, which was only cytosolic [6].


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