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Gene Review

Mfsd7c  -  major facilitator superfamily domain...

Mus musculus

Synonyms: BC011209, CCT, Calcium-chelate transporter, Feline leukemia virus subgroup C receptor-related protein 2, Flvcr2
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Disease relevance of BC011209

  • Investigators found that P-IL-5Ra-3 targeted at the sequence of CAG CTG CCT GGT TCG TCT T markedly suppressed IL-5Ralpha expression in B lymphoma cells in vitro [1].

High impact information on BC011209

  • Tandem repeats of CCT, but not putative CREB and NF-kappaB sites in the sequences substantially supported activity of the TWIST1 promoter [2].
  • Electrophoretic mobility shift assay demonstrated that the DNA sequences with the CCT repeats formed complexes with nuclear factors, containing, at least, Sp1 and Sp3 [2].
  • Unique CCT repeats mediate transcription of the TWIST1 gene in mesenchymal cell lines [2].
  • Glucose was the best substrate in CCT [3].
  • In contrast, ATP production from glutamine was less than that from the other substrates in distal nephron segments, including medullary and cortical thick ascending limbs of Henle's loop (MTAL and CTAL), distal tubule including the connecting tubule (DT), and cortical and medullary collecting tubules (CCT and MCT) [3].


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