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Gene Review

Flvcr2  -  feline leukemia virus subgroup C cellular...

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: CCT, Calcium-chelate transporter, Feline leukemia virus subgroup C receptor-related protein 2
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Disease relevance of LOC314323

  • In the AI+F group, plasma Aldo was high and obvious metabolic alkalosis occurred (HCO3- = 37 +/- 2 mEq/liter vs. 22 +/- 2 mEq/liter in controls, P < 0.005); activities of H-K-ATPase, H-ATPase, and Na-K-ATPase were increased approximately twofold in both CCT and MCT [1].
  • Apoptosis and Functional Changes of Dipeptide Transporter (PepT1) in the Rat Small Intestine After Traumatic Brain Injury [2].

High impact information on LOC314323

  • RESULTS: Transporter protein and mRNA levels in cholic acid-fed rats increased approximately threefold above levels in paired rats fed the control diet (P < 0.02) [3].
  • Subunits of the chaperonin CCT are associated with Tetrahymena microtubule structures and are involved in cilia biogenesis [4].
  • TMP inhibited Na-K-ATPase activity in a dose-dependent fashion in PCT, CCT, and MCT when tubules from normal animals were incubated in vitro with the drug; TMP in vitro did not affect H-ATPase or H-K-ATPase activity [5].
  • In this study we examined acid-base composition and ATPase enzyme activities in medullary thick ascending limb of Henle's loop (MTAL) and collecting tubule (CCT and MCT) after seven days of chronic furosemide therapy [1].
  • In ADX+F+Vanadate (V) group which also had normal Aldo levels, acid-base changes were modest (20 +/- 2 mEq/liter, NS from control); in CCT and MCT H-K-ATPase and Na-K-ATPase activities were markedly reduced, but H-ATPase activity in MCT was increased [1].

Biological context of LOC314323

  • The protein products of the Tap (Transporter associated with antigen processing) 1 and 2 genes are presumed to deliver peptides across the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) for assembly with major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I molecules [6].
  • We previously reported a family with generalized resistance to thyroid hormone (GRTH) which had a point mutation with codon 448 CCT (proline) being converted to ACT (threonine) in the thyroid hormone receptor (TR) beta [7].
  • The activity of cholinephosphate cytidyltransferase (CCT; key enzyme in PC synthesis), choline phosphotransferase (CPT) and lysolecithin acyltransferase (LAT) were found to increase gradually in the lung towards the end of gestation, reached peak values at term followed by a decrease of activity reaching finally adult levels [8].
  • Mineralocorticoid levels are an important determinant of membrane area and ion transport in the renal initial (ICT) and cortical (CCT) collecting tubules [9].

Anatomical context of LOC314323

  • Collectively, these findings indicate that the oligomeric state of CCT-subunits reflects the translation capacity of the cell and microtubules integrity [4].
  • Zinc Supplementation Reduces Iron Absorption through Age-Dependent Changes in Small Intestine Iron Transporter Expression in Suckling Rat Pups [10].
  • These rats have a mutation in Divalent Metal Transporter 1, which has been implicated in iron transport from endosomes [11].
  • 5. Transporter-mediated lactate entry into liver cells is enhanced by lowered extracellular pH [12].
  • Aortas of CCT animals showed progressive diet- and time-dependent increases in the amount of ORO staining compared to controls [13].

Associations of LOC314323 with chemical compounds

  • An effect of ANF (10(-8) M) was not demonstrated on adenylate cyclase (fmol cAMP formed/30 min/micrograms protein) in Gm, CAL, MAL, CCT, OMCT or IMCT [14].
  • 2. Total serum cholesterol level of CCT fed rats (7.05 +/- 1.77 mg ml(-1), n = 8) was significantly greater than lab-chow fed controls (2.58 +/- 0.32 mg ml(-1), n = 8) [15].
  • 5. The noradrenaline content of the tail arteries of CCT fed animals (2.64 +/- 0.36 ng mg(-1), n = 6) was significantly lower than that of controls (3.82 +/- 0.32 ng mg(-1), n = 6) [15].
  • Low density lipoprotein level was also significantly increased in CCT-fed (1.79 +/- 0.26 mg ml(-1), n = 8) compared with control fed rats (1.35 +/- 0.25 mg ml(-1), n = 8) but plasma levels of triglyceride and high density lipoproteins did not differ significantly between the two groups [15].
  • 4. Vasoconstrictor responses to exogenous noradrenaline (0.01-300 microM) and adenosine 5'-triphosphate (0.3-1000 microM) were unaffected by CCT diet, indicating prejunctional alteration of sympathetic neurotransmission during CCT-induced hyperlipidaemia [15].

Other interactions of LOC314323


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of LOC314323


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